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The Professional Medium

Mentorship program

Now Accepting Applications for September 2019!

Continue your journey serving spirit and reach new heights with your mediumship in this advanced course. This intimate class, limited to just 14 students, will meet monthly for 9 months and will cover advanced topics and techniques to get the most out of your mediumship. Areas of focus will include striving for professional excellence with your mediumship, deepening your connection with the spirit world, and honing your own authentic style of mediumship.  

Students will have the opportunity to work on personal goals throughout the course while receiving in-class feedback from Lori. This course is not suitable for beginners and is recommended for dedicated mediums who desire to work professionally (if they are not already doing so) with at least three plus years of experience. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Pre-Requisites: Must have completed Spirit Whisperer Program OR be a student of mediumship (or working professional) for three plus years. All applications for admission are subject to instructor's approval.

General Overview

  • The Power Within

  • Gain Confidence, Build Trust

  • Deepen Your Connection with Spirit

  • Sharpen Your Senses

  • Develop Your Authentic Style

  • Make Soul Connections

  • Work with Multiple Communicators

  • Getting Names, Dates, & More!

  • Professional Readings (all types)

  • Public Demonstration

  • Professional Ethics

Course Schedule
Class meets one Sunday per month, from 11am-4pm, for 9 months.
1. Sept 8
2. Oct 6
3. Nov 3
4. Dec 1
5. Jan 5
6. Feb 2
7. March 8
8. April 5
9. May 3

Course Fee
Course fee is $1,099 ($89/month after payment of deposit). Non-refundable $299 deposit required at time of registration. Deposit goes towards the total course fee of $1,099. Monthly payment plan available after deposit is received. All applications for admission are subject to instructor's approval.
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"Taking the Professional Medium course with Lori Sheridan was exactly what I needed to take my mediumship and connection to Spirit to the next level. Lori is a warm, kind and caring teacher who uses her incredible gifts and intuition to connect with the needs of her students. Lori encourages her students to attain new heights and helps them get there with love and guidance. Since completing this class, I have felt my mediumship grow, along with my confidence and trust. I am now working as a professional medium because I felt ready to take that leap after taking this class with Lori."

-- Sarah Angley, Graduate

"I have always been able to communicate with spirit, but I did not have the confidence or the tools to embrace my ability.  Lori has been an amazing teacher and mentor, always teaching from a place of love and kindness.  Her ability to understand a person’s strengths and weaknesses is a gift.  I would highly recommend all of her classes, but taking The Professional Medium course has pushed my mediumship to a new level - I am now a working medium."
-- Christine Bowker-Wickersham, Graduate

"I enjoyed the program so much! It was so much fun being apart of a supportive group. We got plenty of practice inside and outside of the classroom. Lori helps build on your own personal strengths and helps you get through any fears you may have going forward. I suggest this class to anyone who wishes to continue their journey with mediumship. You will be in good hands with great company!" 

-- Nikki Salaris, Graduate