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Hope Ethereal Foundation is dedicated to parents who have lost children. Lori was guided to give back to parents going through the grieving process after she miscarried a baby boy at nearly 20 weeks of pregnancy. This incredibly painful experience opened Lori's heart to the grieving process and what it means to lose a child.

If Lori can ease your pain in any way please contact her. She will do her best to connect with your son or daughter in heaven and relay their messages of love and healing to you.

These donated sessions are offered in loving memory of her son, Michael.  If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact Lori.


6 Grove St., 2nd Floor

Norwell, MA 02061

Office Hours:

Mondays 12-2pm
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Saturdays by Request

Groups & Fundraisers by Request


Tel: 781-843-0551

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